By Admin - June,12 -2011

Just to give an idea of the scale of this project, here it is in relation to Southern Ireland. (click for a larger image).

It's difficult to do permaculture on a tiny piece of land in a way that can really demonstrate the full potential. Really we need an entire ecosystem; a watershed, a mountain or something like that. Ideally the whole planet! Something as large as this project could really achieve the benefits we talk about ecologically, and would be an example to use to show how effective our ideas can be. 

Seeing the area concerned outlined on a map of Ireland brings home the impossibility of doing such things in the 'more developed' world. The bureaucrats would have a field day! It would cost about 20 billion dollars just to do a feasibility study, and about 20 years to fill in all the paperwork, even if we could get everyone living there into the idea. And by that time, it would have morphed into a hideously convoluted mishmash with input from every pressure group and NGO in the country. The insurance bill alone would be comparable to the GNP of a small nation. We'd need a tower block or two to house all the administration offices. 

It may be large and difficult, but in areas like Warsangeliland, we could actually do this and succeed.

We need projects on this scale for permaculture to be taken seriously as more than just a hobby for a few landowners. But such projects cannot be allowed to be compromised by demands for incorporating it with business stuff like cash crops for export. Those things can be done by the people but should never be a crucial part, something that the project depends on because that would detract from the purpose, which is to illustrate permaculture. Incorporating things that are not permaculture gives the wrong message. Permaculture is viable in and of itself and needs not be propped up by conventional business ideas. If the people are free then they can do whatever other things they like, but being dependent on external systems is not freedom. Such things should be an added optional bonus, not a core part of the design.

Here is a .kml file for google earth - click to download  warsangeli.kml

You also can play with it HERE


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